Some recent quotes from residents & their families…

“I hope that you and all the staff know how happy she is at Lillibet Court, it’s probably the happiest she had been in many years. The care and friendship she gets from you all is exceptional and we are both very grateful to you. Being part of the ‘Lillibet’ family is very important to her and she speaks about you often. One of the things that she really enjoys is the social evenings. Thank you once again. You do an excellent job”

“I cannot thank everyone enough for all they do for Mum. Leaving her own home wasn’t easy for her, but she’s so happy with you and I really appreciate knowing that she’s safe and cared for, everyone does so much to help her…Sincere thanks”

“I just want to thank you so much for all you did yesterday. Your calm measured presence helped us no end. Please pass on our thanks to the everyone for the concern & care they showed to us. You have all been wonderful to Mum since she’s lived at Lillibet Court, she’s so happy there”

“Could you please pass on our sincere thanks from Mum to all the staff at Lillibet Court. I know that Mum will not only miss the staff but the residents too who were so very kind to her”

“Thank you for all your help getting our Father to our Christmas Lunch. Without your care that would not have been possible…These occasions are very important”

“I did miss you all while away for the month…So very pleased to be back again…Also a big thank you for the lovely flowers & ornament…You are so very kind”

“Words can never say how grateful we are for the super party. Thank you for all the work you put in to make it such a success”

“Thank you for the lovely bouquet of flowers. We are happy to have helped with your fund raising this year”

“The Journey may not be easy, but with you and your staff considerateness and caring, its going to be a less bumpy one”

“Thank you so much for hosting the BBQ last week – It was a lovely opportunity to meet the family and friends of the other relatives and begin to forge bonds with them, the food was delicious alongside a lovely atmosphere. ”