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Independent Living

At Lillibet Assisted Living our key philosophy is to provide the independence that you crave, along with the possibility of Support as and when you need it or ask for it.


Our two Centres, at the Court and the Manor, provide superb accomodation in the form of studio apartments, fully fitted to provide kitchen, shower/bath, and toilet facilities.  This level of appointment means that the Guest can have as much independence and autonomy as they wish., whilst retaining the opportunity to be part of the whole Community.


The options on offer are varied and comprehensive.  


  • The Guest has a choice of cooking and feeding themselves, or having meals provided for them -- or a combination of the two.
  • Communal areas provide the opportunity to mix and socialise, or the Guest can choose to keep their own company.  
  • Regular activities are provided for Guests, and they are encouraged to participate.   Most activities are free, but some may require a small contribution to defray the cost.
  • 24hr call bell system in each room means that help and support is available at all times


If you are used to being totally independent, but seek the security that a small Community can offer, this is an ideal solution.  We cater for each Individual's needs and can respond accordingly.  As conditions change, the support can be adapted to cover additional needs.

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