Lillibet assisted living London

A sense of community belonging is vital to human because we are always in need of each other. However, everyone has a different degree of societal association, which is why at Lillibet assisted living London, you get to choose your preferred living conditions.

Providing Unconditional Living Conditions

Lillibet Manor and Lillibet Court are the ideal homes that offer a sense of belonging with tailored living conditions to match your specifications. Based in Central Bedford, we are the most sought after caregiving home provider in London.

Our clients can rest easy, knowing we have got them covered. Our services are tailored as follows:

  • Independent Living: If you are looking for autonomy in your living environment, we have 34 Flatlets at Lillibet Manor and 27 more at Lillibet Court to choose from. Each of these has its own kitchen area, and all have ensuite bathrooms. We also have a couple of detached properties for those who would prefer them. And just because you have chosen independent living doesn’t mean that we shall cut you off from the rest the community. You will still be free to mingle with the other residents as you wish. Live free and independently while rest assured of the security offered by Lillibet Manor and Lillibet Court community.
  • Supported Living: Do you believe that no man is an island? At Lillibet, we not only provide the best support system but also ensure you live in a serene and secure environment. We have well-tendered and natured communal gardens where residents can spend quiet evenings relaxing and interacting. We also have dining rooms where our chefs prepare meals for the residents who would love to eat from a central place. Moreover, our Supported Living offers individualised care to all the tenants who have chosen Lillibet’s Mental health care services London.
  • Paying for Care: Are you looking for a Social Services Accredited assisted living London? Lillibet Court and Lillibet Court is the place to go. If you have qualified for a Housing Benefit or Social Services Funding, then we can help you get the best care as you age gracefully. Our staff have been instilled with the highest level of caring for others, and our core value lies in proving high standard care to all who need it.

What Do We Have to Offer

At Lillibet Assisted Living London, irrespective of whether you are just looking for a normal home or specialised Mental health care service London, we do our best to ensure your needs are fulfilled satisfactorily. Well, this is possible due to our vast ability to customise services for each individual.

Lillibet Manor and Court have the following features:

  • Spacious rooms which include ensuite, kitchen and W/C.
  • Meals are provided if you so choose to have them instead of cooking yourself
  • Cleaning services
  • Parcel delivery services
  • Errand personnel available
  • Accompanied trips to shopping centres and clinics
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Activities meant to exorcise boredom and flex muscles
  • Communal areas and garden

Lillibet Assisted Living London has got you covered in all matters of home living.

Why Choose Us

There are quite many benefits to be enjoyed by those who choose to be part of Lillibet Manor and Lillibet Court.

We are known to be the most affordable assisted living home care provider in Bedford and London to an extent. Well, we believe you don’t have to spend all your savings on a house and forget to live. This is why we first ensure you have a guaranteed personalised living environment. Moreover, the small fee our clients pay is to ensure the continuity of our manor and court. We also don’t have hidden charges as is indicated by a clear breakdown of how we arrive at each cost that is provided to you upon request.

Would you like an ideal location for a place to call home and close the nearest town, Lillibet Assisted Living London offers the best location for a home. Errands can take the least time possible; you can send and receive your parcel quicker, get to your clinic in good time and go shopping at any time.

We also have professional caregivers who love what they do. A home is not complete if you don’t get the feeling of belonging and love that a home offers. Our caregivers are trained to give you exactly that.

We understand that every individual has their preferred needs, which is why Lillibet Manor and Court can turn to their experienced caregivers to ensure every client’s needs are best attended to. As a well-established mental health care service in London, Lillibet Assisted Living uphold the highest level of professional standards when serving our residents.

A Word from Our Residents

“I cannot thank everyone enough for all they do for Mum. Leaving her own home wasn’t easy for her, but she is so happy with you, and I really appreciate knowing that she is safe and cared for, everyone does so much to help her…Sincere thanks”
Stacy, London

“Could you please pass on our sincere thanks from mum to all the staff at Lillibet Court. I know that mum will not only miss the staff but the residents too who were so very kind to her”
John Smith

Thank you for the help you are getting our father to our Christmas Lunch. Without your care that would not have been possible …These occasions are very important”
Sarah Lloyd, London

Get yourself and your loved ones the perfect home with all the amenities and security that come with owning a home. Lillibet Assisted Living is here for you.

Please call us on 01234 342917 to arrange a confidential chat.