Lillibet Mental Health Care Services 

At Lillibet Court and Manor our primary aim is to create an environment where our tenants can exercise as much independence and autonomy as possible, with our intervention and support on hand as and when we are required.  For instance, individual requirements: a choice of meals from the diverse menu provided by our kitchen, or ensuring you have the provisions to prepare your own choice of menu.

A dedicated Night Staff are always on duty in both facilities to give complete peace of mind.

Care Services

Supported Living

The facilities, services and support offered by Lillibet Court and Lillibet Manor enable our Clients to enjoy a comfortable life where they remain in control.  Our highly trained Staff are on duty day and night to ensure that all your needs are catered for. If you would like to learn more about Supported Living at Lillibet please call us on 01234 342917 or click here for further information.

Independent Living

We recognise the levels of mental health care each of tenants require can differ. Some only require the security of knowing that we are on hand as and when you need us. We tailor each Mental Health Care plan to the individual requirements of each tenant and as requirements change we have the flexibility to adapt, reduce or increase the level of care we provide. You can read more about Independent Living by clicking here or by calling us on 01234 342917

Respite Mental Health Care

When family Carers are away from home or unwell, we can offer full respite care even for short periods.  Our respite mental health care is usually for a minimum of four weeks, but exceptions can be made in some circumstances – please call us on 01234 342917 to discuss your individual requirements.

Mental Health Care at Lillibet

Our work at Lillibet is always focused on the person who requires care and support and who has a right to the same humane treatment that he or she has known throughout life. Dignity, respect, understanding and sensitivity are all practised by our highly trained and committed carers who help to create a trusting and personal relationship with all those who come to us or live with us.

Security, Support and Well Being