About Lillibet Manor and Lillibet Court 

If you chose to live at Lillibet, your tenancy will be regularly reviewed to meet company policy and ensure you are receiving the right care and support for you, along with any agreed placements that are tailored to meet individual need. Where care and support are arranged, and to meet registered regulations a personal care plan will be implemented with any amendment recorded accordingly and with the inclusion of you, your health/social workers, family/friends who may be representing you.

This will be recorded in your care plan. Lillibet Court Care uses an electronic care plan and medication system that supports accurate and appropriate recording that also includes professional endorsed documents.

Lillibet Manor and Lillibet Court

Lillibet Manor and Lillibet Court Locations

Based in central Bedford, both locations are within walking distance of Bedford’s most popular visited places. Bedford Park with ample walking areas and picturesque gardens.

Also close is the Embankment, which boasts colourful flower beds, whilst the river is home to families of swans and other visiting birds. Similarly, we are a short walk to the town centre with weekly open-air markets, library, train and bus stations.

Our Team

Kate James and Anoop Chacko are our registered managers who together have a wealth of care and management experience and between them have achieved level 4/5 in NVQ diploma. Kate and Anoop can be contacted to discuss tenancy at either location, please refer to the contact details for further information.

We have a team of 23 support workers, all of whom have completed mandatory training. Some have achieved NVQ level 2, whilst others are currently committed to working towards level 3. We are a professional caring team who value the importance of ongoing and relevant training to ensure overall compliance, personal development and the ability to have consistent learning that makes the difference to people’s lives.

Both locations have staff on site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.